Pavan Joshi passes away

Pavan Joshi passed away on the 29th of April. I was shocked when I saw his obituary in the newspaper this morning.

Pavan was my fellow dialysis patient at KIMS hospital. About 7 years younger than me, he had roughly the same history as me.

After I switched to home hemo, I used to call him once in a while and talk to him to check how he was doing.

I felt really bad.

I called my tech to find out how he died. He knew about his passing but did not know what had actually happened. He is going to find out.

Pavan's death is a grim reminder of what I and people like me are constantly battling. Every day is a risk.

Sometimes I think about people who live their life without this Damocles' sword hanging around their neck. They don't have to worry about these things at all. How lucky they are. They don't even realize the amount of trouble we have. When everything we do has to be done with our medical condition at the back of our minds.

Want to go for a swim? Worry about infection. Want to drink a cola? Worry about the fluids. Want to go for a holiday? Worry about being under-dialysed. Want to go somewhere? Worry about the presence of a working elevator.

These things are not impossible. But the worry is always there. Why? Why does it have to be like that? Why can't our lives be more normal?

Pavan' s death has really shaken me. I always associated death for a kidney patient with older people. But Pavan was seven years younger than me. How did he die? I really want to know.


Anonymous said…
Yes, healthy people are fortunate. They dont have something as crucial as their health nagging at the back of their minds. But, eone does have their cross to carry. Just that yours happens to be a lot heavier than the rest. This is whr frens and well wishers come in to help you. :)

Good Luck!!
Not to fear ...everything will workout eventually.
As for death eone dies sometime or the other .... dont waste your time thinking abt it. Enjoy the journey as long as it lots.