Pus from arterial buttonhole

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I'm doing nocturnal home hemo.

I had some pain next to my arterial buttonhole after I came off my session on Sunday morning. I dialysed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night and the pain was still there but was reducing.

Yesterday night (Thursday night) when I removed the scab over the site, a little pus oozed out. I was terrified. This has never happened before.

A little background - I've been going swimming recently. Earlier I used to swim many hours after I came off the session and I think the site might have closed up well before I got into the water. But recently, I've been going swimming within a couple of hours of coming off a session. Could this be the reason for this?

I anyway called my nephrologist who asked me not to use the site and change it. He also put me on Augmentin 625 mg twice a day.

I'm scared because I don't have too many options for dialysis access and I really cannot afford to lose this fistula.

Any thoughts/advice would really be welcome.


billpeckham.com said…
Kamal - is the site red? Keep an eye out for redness and monitor your temperature. Is it tender to the touch?