Another 30-something Indian on dialysis

Thanks to Bill Peckham, who posts a CKD blog report every once in 3-4 days, I found Samiir Halady, who is a 35 year old guy living in Mumbai on dialysis.

After reading his blog, I found out that Samiir is on hemodialysis and goes for treatments twice a week. He works full time. And loves to trek.

I really want to find out more about him. How does he manage fluids? Where does he get the energy to trek? How did CKD come about? Is he on a transplant list?

Though I am in touch through forums with other folks on dialysis, this is the first time I have come across someone from India with a similar age as mine and a blogger at that!

I am trying to find out more about him.


SCDAFF said…
Gud to hear this, find out abt that guy n update us