I saw Dasavathaaram yesterday. I wish I hadn't. I haven't seen a movie this bad in a long time.

Now, let me start with a disclaimer that I don't understand Telugu and that this was a Telugu film but then I've seen many Telugu films and enjoyed them. So, there!

Touted as the most expensive film ever made in India in which Kamal Haasan plays ten roles, Dasavathaaram ends up as a waste of time, effort and money. The basic idea of a film, that of telling a story is forgotten. It is more a mash up of ludicrous characters who are juxtaposed on film to show off the wizardry of computer graphics than to do justice to a story and script.

The characters are burlesqued to ridiculous extents. And why oh why did Kamal have to do all the voice overs? The voice for the tall fair guy from the van in the accident scene is so irritating that I almost shouted out asking him to shut the fuck up.

The songs are very average except the first one.

I sat through the second half only to see how the tsunami was filmed (I had read somewhere that the tsunami 'brings it all together') and regretted it. The graphics that were talked about so much were very artificial.

All in all, it was an extremely disappointing film.


PDS said…
hey kamal, nice review. But would have been better if you did not mix up some french words.

TIME institute should add your blogs as a part of their teaching programme for Verbal abilities / reading comprehension! I mean what the heck was juxtaposed....burlesq...?@#! whatever? keep it simple dude. We Indians find it difficult to understand the queen's english.
Imran said…
Hey Kamal,

Well Said kamal, but we indians go out to movie to simply praise our own fav actor. Irrespective of whether they are actually give worth to our time and money or they are boring us with their great performance on stupid stories..

Your analysis is perfect....

Whenever u go out for a movie next time then i would suggest you should assume that u love the heroine a lot , (offcourse not Hero)......then u will certain say Film is Great becoz my heroin looks great :)