Is good intent good enough?

Well, no. You need to have the capability to back up good intent. In any endeavor, you need to actually deliver and for that good intentions are not usually enough.

Let me give you an example. At work, I know a few people who are very sincere, very enthusiastic and eager to do well. But they are unable to back it up with results. Tch, tch. Doesn't help.

I have utmost appreciation for their attitude but I'm afraid, they are not effective at delivering things as needed. Successful people are, to borrow from Joel Spolsky, people who are smart and get things done.

Good intentions are important. But that's not all.

I feel a little sorry for these people. I want them to do well. I really want them to succeed. I like them for their attitude. But I cannot trust them with important work and that's sad.

On the other hand, you have the capable guys. With loads of attitude, albeit the wrong kind. They have the ability to do whatever is required. And do it fast. But you need to pamper them, praise them, mollycoddle them. Only then can you get the work done. These guys couldn't care less if the work doesn't get done if they don't contribute.

Great attitude with great capability - a killer combination. But difficult to find.


Akbar Pasha said…
This is the classic example of that Thoughts, words and actions mismatching. For people who are not capable enough (for various reasons- lack of education, experience blah blah) it's easy to form thoughts and words of good intent, but the actions suck. They think somehow they can pacify the for the missing actions.

On the other hand the 'rebel junta gangsta application developer' who has figured out to have good actions (of finishing the job etc) has a mis-match with his/her thoughts and words. He/She thinks, just because he has madz coding skills he/she can behave the way they want and talk shit.

A good match is hard to find because not only Project Managers are looking for them, but also Philosophers, Spiritualists, Religionists etc are looking for them too.
Anonymous said…
yep. hire me!!!
SCDAFF said…
Hhmm luckily Effigent had enough employees(Ulag, Kartik, Pushkar, Rajesh Mulcha and Venkateshwar) with the killer combination, but it couldn't manage to hold these ppl. Now I know that we can debate on my comments, but in the end loss is loss for every one of us, the company lost these very talented ppl(whom I dont think will never come across) and for us(Team members),we lost the environment and enthusiasm.