Telugu - sweeter than honey

Languages have always fascinated me. Think about the way languages have evolved. From nothing to a complete structure of words, grammar and constructs!

When a language sounds sweet to the ear it is all the more appealing.

Among all the languages I have heard, I find that Telugu sounds the sweetest - if it is spoken in its pure form without the corruption that you get with its many dialects.

In fact, the name of the language comes from 'tena' which means honey!

Another language which is considered sweet is Urdu. One aspect of Urdu is it is sweet due to its constructs. Telugu, on the other hand is sweet because of its words.

Repeated efforts on my part to learn to speak Telugu fluently have fallen flat. I have used a book called 'Learn Telugu in 30 days'. This did not work because the emphasis was on writing and speaking Telugu. This became too much for me.

I need to focus primarily on speaking the language and then worry about writing!

I have scoured the internet for some good websites that teach spoken Telugu. To no avail!

The important thing however, is to practise after learning. This is something which simply does not work for me. Everyone speaks to me in other languages. And since my Telugu currently is horrendous I hesitate before speaking it!


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