Trust, where o where are you?

I have recently come across a number of instances where trust has been breached.

A couple of friends lent money to their friends and are not getting it back. They helped when it was really important trusting that the money would be returned. But it did not happen. Questions on when the money would be returned are met with cold responses, lame excuses or plain denial that the money was taken!

Now, the money in question was small. So, it is not that big a material deal. But the issue here is principles. A simple human value. Trust.

Another type of this breach which I have seen is breaking the promise of confidentiality. I confide in a friend about something. I trust him completely. I tell him for whatever reason. For advice, for help or just for the sake of lightening my heart. Whatever. He has no business telling anyone else about this.

I see this happening though. And it pains. The original individual is happily oblivious of what's happening. And the intent here, mind you, may or may not be malicious. Does not matter. The fact of the matter is that there has been a breach of trust.

Some people are compulsive gossip mongers. Any bit of information with the slightest hint of juice and slander and they cannot digest it. They have to pass it to someone.

Women are unfairly accused of being that way. Many men do it too. In fact, there is a joke that goes, "What are the 3 most effective forms of communication?" Answer: "Telephone, Television and Tell-a-woman"!


Akbar Pasha said…
Hey Kamal,

I hope you will sort out all your trust issues you have come across. My take on it is - People treat relations much less priority than money and gossip doesn't belong to one particular sex. It's just a bad habit to which people are oblivious.

Good luck there. But I love to read your blog now a days. You write so often that you make me jealous. Please keep it going and I am looking forward to more and more from you.
PDS said…
Hey Kamal,

I too love ur blogs.

To make things easier for u let me advise u not to expect anything from anyone. When u expect and things dont go in the way u expected, u r hurt. Its easier said than done, but try to ignore the bad that others do and keep doing what u do.

It may seem too difficult but over a period u will see the difference.

take care.