Why the portable dialysis machine can't be brought to India

A few friends have wondered why the portable dialysis machine cannot be shipped to India.

There are a couple of reasons.

One, the System One is not yet permitted to be sold outside the US. Aditya responded to this by saying the iPhone is also not permitted to be sold outside the US. But there is a difference. The iPhone costs a few hundred dollars. The System One is probably atleast a hundred times more expensive.

Which brings me to the second reason. In the US, I believe there is a 24 hour replacement guarantee. That is, if something goes wrong with the machine, they will have a replacement shipped to you within 24 hours. Which will be impossible in India. And Indian technicians (however good they might be) will find it difficult to fix the problem without any formal training. Spare parts might also be difficult to get in India.

I had explored this option when I switched to daily nocturnal but it did not seem practical then. Things haven't changed much.


SCDAFF said…
Hhmmm, bit dissappointed, but lets hope some day we will have the facility to have one in india, till then we will try to plan for smaller trips, is there any forest region which is near by where we can spend one day? lets plan something for the next weekend