As the clock strikes seven...

In our company, when the clock strikes seven, a lot of things change.

Different genres of music start emanating from various corners of the office. For some reason, it is all right to play music after seven. During the day you have heads fixed with ear phones. After seven, the computer speakers are used instead.

The air smells of samosas after seven. People are generally hungry by now. Lunch was a good five hours back! So, every evening a little before seven, the office boys go around collecting money for the samosas and then bring in piping hot samosas from the corner halwai. There's a rumor that the Balaji Badrinarayan Mithai Bhandar sells 75% of its samosas to Effigent!

After seven, there are long queues for a game at the Table Tennis table. The unemployed in our office play TT at odd times like 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. The more useful ones play after seven to give their mind the much needed rest after a hard day's work.

The general air takes on a more relaxed hue. People are more jovial (unless of course there's a release that day!). There's a lot more camaraderie than usual. You might even see a developer and a tester, otherwise sworn enemies, laughing together!