The dawn that wasn't - Part 2

By evening the nausea had worsened and I started throwing up. We were wondering what was happening. To rule out anything serious, we went over to our family doctor Dr. Kirit Parekh. My aunt, who is a doctor was in the loop by then. They decided to get a few tests done.

So, we went to the lab and I gave some blood samples.

The next day, the reports came. The doc at the lab was known to my father and my aunt. He asked me to wait outside and called my father and aunt in. I was a little perplexed.

When they came out, I asked them what was happening. They said there was some problem with my kidneys. Aha. So? They said we would need to see a nephrologist. Sure. My creatinine was 7 at that time.

I had no clue what that meant. Well, I knew that my kidneys were not working. Something temporary, I thought. Some medicines would do the trick.

We fixed up an appointment with a nephrologist, Dr. Girish Narayen recommended by Dr. Parekh.

When we went to meet him, he saw the reports and asked for some more tests. He also asked me to restrict my fluids to a liter a day. I remember wondering if 1 liter was easy to restrict to! He also said that I would need a kidney biopsy. I remember my aunt reacting with shock when she heard that. I again had no clue as to what that meant.

I was asked to be admitted to the hospital. The journey from there to dialysis was short. A few days I think.

I also got a biopsy which confirmed Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome.

I was continuously told that I had Acute Renal Failure. The kidneys had suddenly shut off. And just as suddenly they would revive and start working. I had to simply wait. In the meanwhile, they would give supportive treatment.

During every dialysis session, I would ask my doctor about when the kidneys would revive.

"Its very close now, Kamal. Maybe another week."

"You said that last week too"

"Yes, I know but its difficult to predict this accurately."

The routine went on.

"Another few days"

"A little more time"

"One more week"

That week never ended.

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