The height of exaggeration!

The trust vote in the Indian parliament has been won. Manmohan Singh has emerged winner.

This morning however, in the swimming pool, there were three ladies, one of them, the doctor who returned from the US recently. They were discussing the trust vote and the possible implications on the share prices and the price of gold and silver.

The discussions went on to the amount of money being offered for an MP's vote. Now, I have been following this story closely. There were reports of Rupees 25 crores being offered and a couple of reports of Rupees 35 crores.

The doctor asked the intently listening ladies, probably about 20 years younger and who knew as much about politics as they did about the stock market, and yet insisted on discussing both, "Do you know how much one MP is being offered?"

My ears cocked with interest.

"3600 crores!"

I almost drowned.


Anonymous said…

OMG i couldnt stop laughing. the three should host a'd be a laugh riot.