Rajiv Arogyasree

I have got some more details about Rajiv Arogyasree, the unique medical care program started by the government of Andhra Pradesh.

I was never a fan of this government but this program is one reason I am going to actually start thinking about supporting them.

In the renal community, until now, this program was available only for transplants. But starting today, apparently, the program covers dialysis too. Which for me, comes as a huge surprise! A huge pleasant surprise!

The government is going pay up to Rupees ten thousand towards dialysis treatments for patients who have a white ration card. A white ration card is basically an indicator of a poor economic condition. So, if such a person, who obviously cannot afford any medical care and would have otherwise died because of the inability to afford dialysis can actually survive!

Rupees ten thousand will get him or her dialysis about twice a week which is an EXCELLENT start.

The way they've set it up is that the government has tied up with an insurance provider and pays some premium and the provider takes care of the medical expenses. Or something like that. I still have sketchy details.

But I was so excited to hear this that I could not wait to post. I am trying to find out more details.

This is a great beginning towards health care for all. It is a big shame that so many people die because they cannot afford medical care. We just have to do something about it. This scheme should be replicated in all states in the country as soon as possible. If Andhra Pradesh can do it, I'm sure the others can too.


Anonymous said…
Good Job Brother.I want some more information about this "Arogyasree"
like diseases list
sree said…
ok thanks u brother
i wan\t some more information on this "Arogyasree"
which Hospital provides this Arogyarsee in Hyderabd.
Kamal D Shah said…
Almost all hospitals have Arogyasree. I know that KIMS on Minister Road, Secunderabad definitely has it. I also know for sure that they cover 8 dialysis sessions in a month for everybody who needs it.