The system

I have recently had to deal with 'the system'. Well, what exactly is 'the system'?

To me, it is a loosely defined collection of irrelevant and unnecessary people and procedures whose purpose is ostensibally to make sure things work according to established norms and mechanisms but in reality, it is a source of incessant and horribly frustrating roadblocks in getting your work done.


To get a relatively simple transaction done I have gone through so much pain and frustration that I have probably mentally aged about three years in what we usually call three days.

Irrelevant procedures, unnecessary formalities, useless forms to fill. And shock and horror, I wasn't even dealing with the government!

The last three days of my life have been totally wasted.

Why, why why? Why do simple things have to be made more complex?

And though I have not been dealing with the government, this complex web which we call 'the system' is there because of the government. The government HAS to really get out of things it does not need to be involved in.

Focus on more important things. Medical care, for example.


Santu said…

Now I think you understand. It's the same government that brought in the Rajiv Arogyasree. With all the government's subjects having to deal with this, you better have this introduced. In fact there was a huge news article the day before yesterday in one of the noted national newspapers, that this plan is going to be extended to the whole of Andhra Pradesh.

Hail the system.

Somehow, I am unsure if you have heard of the American POP band "The System". One of their first numbers a huge run-away hit, was "You are in my System"......... When you get the chance, you should listen to it.

Santosh Ramakrishnan