Akbar on living life in third person

Akbar Pasha wrote about living life in third person here.

A really amazing post.

I have experienced living life in third person in the past for a few minutes each time. Unconscious of the fact that there was a term for it and people discussed and wrote about it!

The experience was quite disconcerting. Its like the person in you, and you, are two different individuals. You look at the man in the mirror and treat him as someone else and then look at his emotions, his feelings, what he does. Its really strange. Try it.

After a few minutes of living this life, I would immediately come back to life in first person because it was very uncomfortable to imagine.

I believe all of us might have experienced this unknowingly at some point.

Akbar's posts are so different from mine. I write about the more mundane things in life - dosas, swimming, work etc. while Akbar's posts are so profound. I am always excited when I know that he has written a new post. And I say "Yes" to myself and quickly open the blog URL in a new window. He writes very rarely but it is clear that a lot of thought has gone into it.

I must confess that I was inspired to start blogging after reading Akbar's blog.

Going further in the article, Akbar talks about moving to living life in 4th person. Now, that was too much for me. As it is, third person psyches me out. I don't even want to try fourth person!


Akbar Pasha said…
Haha. Thanks Kamal, for your kind words. But I must say, I always look forward to read your blog with the same zest you described. Even though it takes a lot of time for me to blog - I love to read your short, succint and insightful posts. Also they keep me grounded in my Indian reality. I imagine how it would be to eat dosas, those idlys and that Gujarati food.

I am coming to India pretty soon and looking forward to meet up with you.

Till then, keep those posts coming.