Cheating myself!

I am on a fluid-restricted diet. Which means I need to drink less fluid. I need to drink less water.

That is because my kidneys are not working. A very important function of the kidney is to remove the excess water from the body. So, when the kidneys don't work, the excess water builds up inside the body causing different complications.

Now, to avoid drinking too much water unwittingly, people like me are advised to measure the water we drink. So, what I do is to drink from the same bottle. I fill up a one liter bottle with water and always drink only from that bottle. That way, I always know how much water I have drunk.

When the bottle is getting empty I know I have drunk close to a liter. If its getting empty around morning, I know I have to slow down. If its close to night, I know I've been a good boy.

Now I have found a way to cheat. Cheat myself, if you will!

I usually drink from the same bottle. But let's say when I go for a swim, there is a water dispenser near the changing rooms. I drink about a quarter of a glass from that. Now, that did not come from my bottle. So, that's ok. It does not count towards my fluid intake! I can drink as much as I want. The bottle will not get empty early!

Unfortunately, my body is not as smart as my brain! And the water actually does go into my blood! Can you believe it? The water that I drank from the dispenser and not from my bottle goes into my blood! How could that possibly happen?


Samy said…
Oh....How could that possibly happen....I will have to see whether that happens with me as well. I try to cheat as well