Clearing the air

I recently got accused of things I never did. And it hurt. I had two options - ignore the whole thing and get on with life or clear the misconceptions.

Ignoring the whole thing initially seemed like the easier option. I did not have to bother to explain. There was no risk of further misunderstanding. I had to simply forget about it and move forward.

Clearing the misconceptions seemed more difficult. Make the effort to meet with the individuals. Explain my view point. What would the reactions be? Would it help at all if the individuals were firm about their perspective?

I thought about it for a while. I also took the advice of some trusted friends. And decided to clear my name.

So, I went over and discussed the situation. I explained my point of view. I explained why what I was being accused of was ridiculous. Why it made no sense for me to do such a thing. I explained that my integrity was of prime importance to me.

They saw my point and agreed. And were sorry that I had to go through this.

In the end, I felt so relieved that this was sorted out. And all it took was two half hour conversations.

I have found that this really helps. Not talking about things often leads to some untruths being construed as true. Instead, bringing them out in the open can help solve a lot of issues.