Donkey versus Scientist

Sometimes you need a donkey. Sometimes you need a scientist. Never make the mistake of using a scientist when all you need is a donkey.

The donkey is the guy who will do as he is told. Do this, then that and then that. This, that and that will get done in exactly that order. Without a mistake. Good donkey.

Now, imagine if you have a scientist. You tell him the same thing. Do this, then that and then that. The scientist will first analyze this, that and that. He will try to understand why you told him to do these things in that particular order. He will wonder if there was a way he could do it more efficiently. He will ponder. He will mull. It will be a week before he starts off on this. And there is a very high probability that you will not get what you wanted in the first place.

Ah! the ingenuity of the human brain!

Sometimes you just want people to do as they're told. Not apply their mind. Because you've already thought it through. Why bother those cells? I've done my home work. JUST DO AS YOU'RE TOLD!

But no, there are some people who love to exercise their brain when its most not required. And they mess up totally.

So, take it from me, sometimes donkeys are better than scientists!


Anonymous said…
another good one!!!
u should start clubbing some of ur best posts and have a post on em.
Infact Blogger should have a feature whr readers can rate a post. I think thrs something similar on Wordpress. Not sure tough..