How a routine helps

I have realized the importance of a routine in the past few months.

I have to be careful about the amount of fluids I consume during the day. Since I am on daily nocturnal home hemodialysis, I don't need to worry as much as someone on the more common thrice a week in center dialysis but due to my mental frailties, I find that I do need to worry a little!

On weekdays, when I am at work, I find that I have a set routine. This routine helps me have less water during the day. I have pretty much fixed times when I have water or other fluids. For example, after I get to office around 9 in the morning, I finish off checking my email etc. and then have about 200 ml of Darjeeling tea.

Around 11 in the morning, I have a snack, usually made of oatmeal followed by about 200 ml of water. Then I have some water after lunch. And so on.

So, this way, the amount of water I have is fixed. More or less.

However, during the weekends, there is no routine and I tend to go overboard sometimes because of this.

Another good way of controlling the amount of fluids is to drink out of one bottle. So, I always know how much I am drinking. If I finish the bottle, then I fill the same bottle again and drink out of that. I find this also helps.

Controlling fluid intake is the toughest part for people on dialysis. Following some simple rules helps make life much easier.