Jaisa sang vaisa rang

This Hindi maxim is so true. It means that we are strongly influenced by the company we keep. We tend to do and think the way people around us do and think.

Of course, this may not be true for all. Some strong people might not actually get influenced by people around them. But many of us are not that strong and are easily swayed by people around us.

For example, if I am with people who have a couple of drinks socially, I am tempted to do so too. And I feel a little bad that my medical condition does not allow me to. If, on the other hand, I spend a few hours in a religious discourse or discussing religious things with a 'sadhu', the next few hours, even after the discussion has ended, will be spent on spiritual introspection.

Many times I feel that I am straying from the 'right path' because of insufficient time spent on 'good things'. I was very different during my 'healthy' days. I was deeply religious. I was also fairly involved in religion during my PD days.

Undoubtedly, hemo has taken a mental toll. For some reason, my mind is not as spiritual as before. Why has this happened?

Do I need to spend more time with spiritual people? I really like the time I spend with them. Its only the initiation that is the problem. Taking the first step towards them. Finding time for this.

Without spirituality, my mind becomes shallow. Empty. Without any sense of purpose. I really must change.


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