Social Networking Blackmail

I have received a few emails that border on blackmail from the new social networking sites that have started coming up after the phenomenal success of orkut. The emails are on these lines: (Sandeep is a fictitious friend and XYZ, the name of a fictitious site)

Hi Kamal,

Sandeep has invited you to be his friend on XYZ. Click here to accept the invitation or Sandeep may think you don't want to be his friend.

The XYZ team

Excuse me, what do you mean by Sandeep may think you don't want to be his friend?

This is ridiculous. Covert blackmail. If I don't go and become a member of the site, Sandeep will think I don't want to be his friend?

I am already a member of Orkut and I don't think I want to become a member of any more such sites. I'm sure Sandeep will understand that.

This kind of stuff can fool the more gullible folks out there. But no sir, not me!