Take a chill pill Jeetu bhai!

The Jain 8-day annual festival called 'Paryushan' has just started.

Among other rituals that are performed as part of this festival is the daily evening 'pratikraman'. This is a ritual where a lot of Jains gather and perform a kind of 'pooja' where some verses are chanted, people meditate and recite some religious songs.

It is supposed to be a highly introspective one hour and the main purpose is to repent for the sins committed during the day.

What happens is that there are inevitably a few children who also come for the 'pooja'. Now these kids don't obviously realize the significance of the ritual and are there mainly because their parents want to induct them into religion at an early age.

During the rituals they sometimes go overboard and make a lot of noise.

Now, there is a 50-something year old person called Jeetu bhai who is very learned. He has an extremely short temper. He blows his fuse at the slightest provocation! He cannot tolerate the kids disturbing the proceedings. So, he keeps yelling at the kids when they make a noise.

Now, I don't really blame the kids. Its great for them to have come for a religious ritual in the first place. And their disruptions are by no means serious enough for the hullabaloo that Jeetu bhai creates.

Jeetu bhai must really take it easy.