Three days and counting...

I posted a few days back about a scare I had when I tried to start my dialysis treatment myself. The problem I had did not deter me from trying it again.

I started my treatment myself the next day, and the next, and the next! Last night was the third day in a row without any issues!

I'm really happy.

I do take my brother's or father's help a little. There are some things that are risky to do alone and until I figure out and get comfortable with ways to do them myself, I don't consider that a problem.

It does take me longer though to start dialysis than the tech. But I guess speed is not an issue. Once I get more comfortable with it, I will get faster.

The feeling is amazing. The independence this gives me cannot be described.

The only thing is I need to be very meticulous. One small slip and I could have trouble. Not life-threatening for the most part but a major pain. Alarms, delays and the possibility of losing a little blood.

Let's hope things go on like this!