The three mistakes of my life: Chetan Bhagat

I just finished reading Chetan Bhagat's third novel. I had read the first two a few months back. And was waiting to read this one. I finally ordered it on Rediff and it was delivered about a week back.

The book is vintage Bhagat. Indian setting. Young characters. Liberal use of the f-word. Light reading.

The book is about three friends who start a cricket shop in Ahmedabad.

Govind Patel is the quintessential Gujarati businessman who would prefer to run his own business even if it meant making less money than working for someone. Ishaan is a cricket fanatic who believes in giving back something to the game by coaching youngsters passionate about it. Omi is the son of a Hindu priest and is worried that he will have to follow in his father's footsteps.

The book goes through the travails of the three guys through particularly difficult times including the earthquake and the post Godhra riots.

An important character is Ali, a child prodigy whom Ishaan calls "a national treasure" for the game of cricket. Another character is Vidya, Ishaan's sister with whom Govind has a relationship.

The book ends after a gory scene where the boys fight a bunch of political thugs belonging to a right wing Hindu party during the Gujarat riots.

However, people who liked the first two novels will like this too. Simply because it conforms to Chetan Bhagat's style.


Kamal, where can i get the book(not online in HYD)..coz i too like the way chetan bhagath presents things. I had already read his last two i.e. OneNight@Callcenter and FivePointSomeone. I really donno till now that his new book is out in market.
Anonymous said…
Can get it at any of the bookstores. For starters, Crossword @Shoppers Stop, City Centre mall, Odyssey, Books Beyond..Infact Himalaya had organized a book signing with the author sometime ago.
sudhanshu said…
Two days before i completed my 3rd novel of chetan bhagat. Its out in the market, u can get it from and any leading book stall's like shoppers stop and reliance mart. Its really an awesome novel to read the reality of life.

Sudhanshu Sharma
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