What is it about Effigent?

Effigent was started in September 2000. We are almost eight years old. There were two primary unstated objectives - to build a commercially successful company riding on the Mac market and to build an organization where people grew with the organization and where they enjoyed working.

We are still a little away from achieving the first objective. We have definitely succeeded in the second.

I have seen people treat this company as their own. They would genuinely feel for the company. They would celebrate the successes of the company and be sorry when we had setbacks. They would not create a tantrum when salaries were delayed. These were the true believers in the company.

I created this video and showed it to a gathering of Effigent folks during the farewell to the consulting team which was bought over by another company. Quite honestly, the video is not at all great. It is quite bad technically.

Inspite of this, people were visibly moved. The video was then shared with a lot of people who have left Effigent in the past. I have received many emails that tell me how they miss Effigent and that they have never got the environment that Effigent provided.

What is it in Effigent that works? Why do people miss the environment that Effigent provided?

Is it the CEO Obul's easy-to-approach demeanor? Is it the relatively flat organization structure? Is it the consistency with which we have taken on inexperienced people and provided them an opportunity to learn? Is it the tremendously fast growth? Is it the college-like atmosphere? Is it the lack of rigid policies? Is it the freedom that people got?

I really do not have an answer. Maybe it is a combination of all this.

Whatever it is, I can proudly say that I am a part of a company which people are sad to leave. When some individuals have tears rolling down their cheeks on seeing a video that captures moments from the history of the company, the management of the company has done something right.

Maybe we are not owners of a bank account that is bursting at the seams with cash. Maybe we are not yet financially where we would have liked to be by now. But the goodwill that we have earned is a great achievement in itself. How many companies today can boast of this kind of success?

When the consulting team has now moved to another company as part of a deal, I feel sad. Sad that we could not share our success with them the way we would have liked to. I miss them so much. The morning meetings, the ML meetings, the rush of a deadline. I really loved my team. It is very unlikely that I will have this kind of a bond in any other company.

There's something in the DNA of Effigent that facilitates this. There's some inexplicable quality in the air that encourages this. I want to know what this is. Because I want to make sure it never goes away.

Really, what is it about Effigent?


Anonymous said…
hmm a LOT.
for starters ... it was the first company for most people .. when they are fresh, young and (innocent??) ofcourse that attitude anything is possible.
The environment was just right in that there werent any rigid processes, a flat organization.
And did I forget the college environment. People bond on a personal level.
So when people move to other organizations ... ofcourse its those fat pay checks and better facilities but whats missing is the people who you can bond with.

Whats really surprising is how many weddings thr were among effigent people .. for a company whose strength around 300.... thts actually food for thought!! :D
Unknown said…
More credit goes to the management who have created such an environment.
Not to mention the influence of Obul,Kamal,Suresh,Sarath,Ulag's on the Pushkar,Karthik,PVK and Ramana batches.
Effigent always had 100 ways to make their emps smile.
Sometimes it was a party,sometimes it was a group lunch outside Effigent or holi or some other thing.
I should mention Kamal's name first. You have always brought a smile on our faces by leading from the front in parties or social gatherings. Who will forget your cheating chits for fishing pond.

Restrictions?? No place for them at Effigent. People come out of their headphones to start their DJ machines like we do at our home. Who would give that kind of independence?

For many of us it was a family and It was a second home.

Bonding's were at personal level and it was very refreshing to see everyone having fun some or the other way at work.

At Effigent, We enjoy everything. From Coffee, lunch,TT to projects and deadlines.

Its just not fun filled environment. It was also provided very good opportunities to learn best of the technologies which gave employees the work satisfaction as well as the technical edge for them to be successful when they go out of the company.

Not everyone left for the pays. People wanted to explore their ways or that could be some other demands of life or could be pays also.

Effigent is like first love. It is a sweet memory. Nothing can replace Effigent at our hearts and it always remains special in our lives.