Ban the back stroke

When I went swimming this morning, there was this gentleman doing the back stroke incessantly. The problem I have with someone doing the back stroke is that they can't see where they are going. Everyone else needs to worry and scamper and scurry in the pool to avoid getting hit by them.

One or two lengths is fine. Our man was doing the back stroke continuously. Which made swimming for the rest of us humble breast strokers hell. So, I would start off from one end of the pool and notice this guy approaching. Of course he couldn't see. So, I had to take a long detour from my usually straight path to avoid being hit.

And the guy had an arm span almost equal to that of Michael Phelps. So, he pretty much covered half the breadth of the pool when he was swimming.

Only those that have compound eyes should be allowed to back stroke. Or they should get some head gear that has a rear view mirror attached. Would we allow cars on the road to move in a reverse direction without a rear view mirror? Then why in the pool?

At one point, I was taking a breather at one end and I noticed another person doing the breast stroke and the back stroker was approaching him from behind, unmindful of the impending collision. I was waiting with bated breath hoping the two would collide and the back stroker would get a nice scolding.

Collide, they did. But there was no scolding. They both muttered an apology and continued.


Anonymous said…
Hillarious and awesome. It is articles such as these that you throw once in a while abt chote chote things going on around you, that make me love your site so much that i have to visit it atleast every other day without fail.

Love you kamal, keep going.

Anonymous said…
scamper and scurry nice use of words . reminds of tom n jerry. :D
probably all of the breast strokers could follow him/ way ull definitely avoid bumping into him.
PDS said…
good one kamal. need a larger dose of such blogs from u !