The big picture

In any company, everyone needs to be driven by a common goal. Every individual may have his or her individual objectives and that is ok. But the larger objective has to be common.

This overall goal for the company needs to be decided by the top management and communicated to the rest of the company. This is very important. Especially in smaller companies, when people within the company have greater visibility on things that effect the company and are more aware of the factors that influence the overall direction that the company is taking.

Right or wrong, every individual has a viewpoint. When that viewpoint conflicts with the viewpoint of the management, there is a problem.

Individuals do not generally have the complete picture, the big picture in mind. At that point, they have to rely on the judgment of the people that do, indeed, have this knowledge.

It is imperative for all to fall in line with the goals of management and align themselves with these goals. Not doing this can have undesirable consequences - both for the company and the individuals concerned.

That is not to say that there should not be any discussion. Management must, especially in a small organization, communicate effectively the rationale behind such important decisions. People with a different opinion must be heard out and then convinced about why management's decision is in the best interests of the company. Only then can the people within the company be expected to give their best. 'Yours not to reason why, yours but to do and die' will definitely not work here.