A birthday quite ordinary

I celebrated my birthday number xx yesterday. All those shameless fellows who did not wish me, wake up atleast now and wish me. An email or a scrap in Orkut will do. Don't have to phone. Or even easier, add a comment to this post. See how easy I make it!

I am especially upset with those waste fellows who I wished on their birthday and they did not wish me. Just wait till your next birthday. I will call you and discuss the weather, maybe girls too, but will not wish you. He he he.

On the other hand, I was quite pleasantly surprised to receive greetings from some people I really did not expect would wish me.

This birthday was very different from the last few I've had. Probably because it was on a Sunday. Sunday birthdays are really waste. No hungama. No frills. Quiet. What crap.

I like everyone to wish me. I like people to give me flowers. Order a cake. And then have a nice party where beer is consumed like crazy. Nothing like that this time. Why, why, why did my birthday have to come on a Sunday? It really took half the fun out of it. I didn't even feel like it was my birthday.

Boo hoo hoo.


SCDAFF said…
Hi Boss, Really sorry, was out of my mind whole week, anyways, wish u all the happiness in the world n I promise that next year where ever i am or even if i am not there, i will ensure that u will celebrate ur birthday in your way.
Nishant said…
hey kamal bhai.. can u give me ur orkut id... ?? i would like to add u :))
hey kamal!!abs. sorry for that..i guess you must be talking abt me only who called u but didnt wish you...sorry for that kamal..actually i was not aware dat it was ur b'day...the prob. is last year also i was not there in office due to jaundice and so i have no clue abt your b'day..i just rang you to talk you casually as it had been long time...sorry again.
Akbar Pasha said…
Belated Happy Birthday Kamal. Just so you know, even though your birthday may be on Sunday, but I get to wish Belated wishes on Saturday! Does that make it better or what? That's a relief. I hope you had half the fun on that day.

Are you on facebook?
Santu said…
Kamal Bhai !!

Many Many Wishes for a fab Birthday !! May this year bring unto you all happiness and may each and may all that you yearn for, be granted !!

Do excuse me for not knowing your birthday !! Infact, I did wish you last time around, just to forget it this year.

Very sorry !! I shall surely make up for all that cake, beer and gaiety you missed. Don't you worry !! Will surely make it up !!

Have a great great year ahead Kamal !!