Consistency is the key

I am a big Darjeeling tea drinker. I have been trying different brands over the last many months to zero in on 'mera wallah' flavor.

I had started off with something from the Lopchu tea estate, moved to Lipton's offering, tried Khocha and Golden Tips in between.

One day I stumbled upon Golden Tips Orange Pekoe at a super market. I decided to try it out. That was it! That was what I had been looking for! It was very much like the tea I had had in Darjeeling many years back.

So, I stuck to that. Now I had bought a 250 grams packet and that can last quite a while since I was the only one having that tea. When it was almost finished I had to buy a new pack. I went over to the same super market, they did not have any.

So, I searched a bit and I finally found the same thing in Q-Mart, another super market. I bought the biggest pack they had.

When I got home and opened the pack the next day, I was shocked.

The tea smelt of chlorine. I emptied the contents of the pack into a container and brewed a little tea. The smell persisted even in the tea. I was hugely disappointed.

Now, I am in a quandary. I bought a big pack and it is not what I wanted. Now, should I assume this was a problem with only this pack and buy another pack? Or should I switch brands?

It may seem like a minor problem. But it is not. The flavor of my cup of tea is extremely important. I need the exact flavor.

I have emailed Golden Tips Support . Let's see what they have to say.