HPS school concerts revisited

I was thrilled this morning to see that Mrs. Marien Oommen, my English teacher for five of my twelve years in school had commented on my post on HPS school concerts.

Thanks ma'am! Yes, this is your student from HPS. How did you find this blog by the way?

The names of the plays came back to me. Tin Soldier, Charlie's Aunt and Poison Party. Poison Party was really hilarious!

The quality of these plays was really excellent and these were being performed by school kids.

Very few schools even today (and fewer back then) offer the kind of environment that HPS offered. No surprise then, that you find HPS students doing so well for themselves.

HPS gave students a complete education. Not academics alone. It taught us lessons for life. Team work, handling pressure, the importance of sports, leadership - all this and more.

The school a person goes to is so important. It has such a major impact on his or her entire life. The family is just one part of our upbringing. The school, the teachers and the peers play a huge part in making an individual what he or she is.