No transplant for now

I visited Dr. V. S. Reddy recently. I have been mulling over whether to get a transplant or not. Research papers on the internet were pointing to the high risk of recurrence in people like me whose primary kidney disease was Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS). I had discussions with my nephrologist and we were still undecided.

I took prints of the relevant research papers. The Mario Negri Institute in Bergamo, Italy had done a lot of research on HUS. In one paper summarizing their findings, they suggested that a transplant in people with a particular type of HUS called non STX associated HUS, which I had, a transplant was almost contraindicated which means should not be considered.

Chiefly based on this paper, Dr. V. S. Reddy advised me not to go in for a transplant because the risk of recurrence of the primary disease in the transplanted kidney was high. And after recurrence it would be very difficult to save the new kidney.

I tended to agree with him. I had read up on all the papers I could find on the internet and it did seem that what he was saying was true.

I had got on the transplant list recently. I asked for my name to be removed. So, its going to be hemodialysis in the foreseeable future for me.

I am not unduly perturbed by this development. A transplant can be very mentally stressful. Apart from the anxiety over the functioning of the new kidney, the side effects and the care that one has to take after the surgery can be quite demanding. And in the end, after all this trauma, if the transplant does not work out, it can be extremely disappointing.

I am fairly happy with my life currently. Nocturnal home hemodialysis is working out fairly well. I feel good. My energy levels are good. I do not have to worry about my diet and fluids. Then why trade all this for the uncertainty of a transplant? Especially with the risks involved specific to my disease.

I'm glad that the issue is settled. Time to move on.