The strange concept of the family fan

In Andhra Pradesh and possibly some of the other states in South India, there is a strange concept of being a fan of an entire family.

For example, I know many people who are fans of Chiranjeevi and his entire family. So, these people will be fans of anyone who comes from Chiranjeevi's family. Then there is NTR's family. Many people are fans of the entire NTR family.

I can understand people being fans of a particular person. You like his/her looks or acting or demeanor or whatever and you adulate him/her. But liking the whole family by virtue of the relationship really beats me.

And Chiranjeevi family fans, by definition are against NTR family fans! So you have people getting into wars around the release dates of films featuring any member of the families. All the Chiranjeevi family fans will try to make sure that any film that has Chiranjeevi, Pavan Kalyan, Allu Arjun etc. is a huge hit while NTR family fans will ridicule everything about the film.

Similarly whenever any film featuring Balakrishna, Junior NTR (another first from Tollywood!) etc. is released the NTR family fans will try to ensure its commercial success while the Chiranjeevi family fans will go about denigrating everything about it.

I know some people from both the groups and don't miss an opportunity to tease them about this!


SCDAFF said…
Boss, how can u even compare Chiru films or films of anyone related to Chiru family with Balakrishna & Co films ? There is no comparision at all. Please try to chk out the movies from CHiru family n Balakrishna family, watch them n then you will know whose films are better. Its not we, who say that balakrishna or his family movies are not gud, its ppl's verdict. I dont say that movies from chiru or his family members are right on target or they are big hits but atleast we can watch them once. But please dont dare to ever watch a movie of Balakrishna or his family based on the titles, yes u can always go n watch movies of their families by assuming that u r going to watch a comedy movie which will have all the funny n silly things. [;)]
Kamal, it happens not only film industry. it happens so in politics too. How did the Indira Gandhi, Rajeev Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi(though an italian), Rahul Gandhi(whats his origin??) are ruling the country politics not indirectly(One should agree they all are gr8 leaders..but still...). Everyone in the INDIA knows dat the driving force behind every Manmohans action is Soniaji. Congress party has been using the Gandhi fame till now to bank the votes of the people.Then i guess you must also find "The strange concept of the family fan" in politics too...