Tank up, dude!

My brother likes to live life on the edge. No, he's not into adventure sports or anything. He's too busy sleeping or watching TV to have anything to do with either adventure or sports. Well, to be fair to him, he spends a lot of time at work too.

Getting back to his life-on-the-edge habit, let's say he has booked tickets for a movie at 11 in the night at the local multiplex (why would anyone want go that late for a movie?). He will leave home at about 10:50 for a drive that will take him a good twenty minutes and then drive at twice the speed normal humans do.

When he gets into the car, if he sees the petrol level indicator tantalizingly teasing the 'Empty' mark, he will not even stop to think if he should fill up some fuel. He will dart off for the movie and wonder of wonders even return in the middle of the night without bothering to fill up fuel.

Well, I really shouldn't have a problem with that, should I?

Actually, I do.

Because the next morning, when I get into the car (and my brother is into his third dream of the night - by then its too bright to be called night actually) and I see the petrol indicator that actually seems to be a little below the Empty mark, my whole body trembles as I drive to the petrol filling station, praying to every God I know the name of to help me get there unscathed.

Why, why, why? Why can't he spend those 5 minutes to tank up and then go wherever?


SCDAFF said…
Boss, you can do 2 things to eliminate this tension.

1) Ensure that u have enough petrol in your car, all the time. wat you can do is chk the petrol level while u leave to home from office, if its less then u know wat to do.

2) Kick ur brother out of house atleast 30 minutes before, when ever he plans for a movie. This will solve 2 probs.
a) He will take of filling the fuel as he will have enough time.
b) He will drive little bit slow than his usual speed as he has enough time to reach the theatre.

Now, I know that you might not be able to do the second thing, so its better to go with the first option
Anonymous said…
Dude who is this Srini ..wanna meet him "KICK me" Kathee ...Srini if u read this comment watch out I'm coming for u....

-KARAN (KAMAL's brother)