In search of the perfect Khubani ka meetha

No true Hyderabadi meal is complete without the Khubani ka meetha. The taste of this dish is quintessential Hyderabad. If the Charminar had a taste, it would be this!

The basic ingredients are dried apricots and sugar. The apricots are soaked for five to six hours in water and then blended. Sugar is added and the mix is cooked slowly over fire till the apricots turn dark brown.

The apricots have seeds which when broken reveal an edible nut that is used to garnish the meetha. A spoonful of cream is often added as a topping.

Some people add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the meetha. This is nothing but sacrilege! The pure flavor of the meetha should never be spoilt by having it with ice cream. The best way of course, is to have it plain. Cream, if you wish. Never ice cream.

I stay in Hyderabad and have a really good choice of places to taste the Khubani ka meetha. Quite a few restaurants serve it. Utsav in Secunderabad really makes good Khubani ka meetha. The Parivar Dhaba close to the zoo also makes really good Khubani ka meetha.

But the best place to try the meetha is a muslim wedding. You get the dish prepared by some of the most experienced chefs in the city. You sometimes wonder what could be different with such a simple recipe? Don't wonder. Try it. There is something in the hands of these chefs that adds that element of magic.

Especially to things like the Khubani ka meetha.


Kartik said…
Kamal, we actually made this over here a couple of weeks back at a friend's place! As you said the process was simple, but it turned out to be a bit sour. Anyway, overall it was nice :). The best part was about not missing Khubani even when we all were miles away from Hyderabad!

So, let me guess, you are now in search of the perfect Double Ka Meetha :)
Imran said…
You captured the very taste of hyderabadi dishes.And this dish is fav in the 24/7 days.
Probably we should plan to have get together in a restaurant which serves good khubani ka meetha in the city , next time.