My home hemo journey - Part 4

Its been more than two years since I started nocturnal home hemodialysis.

I have come a long way indeed.

I slowly started learning the ropes. At first I just learned how to mix the bicarbonate solution that is used in conjunction with the acid solution that forms the dialysate. This was a piece of cake. You just needed to get the proportions right. Then I learned how to prime the dialyser and tubing before dialysis. This was not rocket science either. For a long time, I used to prepare the bicarb solution and finish the priming before the tech came and he would come and do the cannulation and start dialysis.

I read on the internet that the best thing a dialyzor can do is to cannulate himself. This offers a great advantage. You can actually feel the needles in you so you know exactly how to put them in. So, gradually I gathered the courage to do this. And within a few days I was cannulating myself! This was a great leap for me.

I then also learned to start the whole dialysis myself. Preparation of the bicarb solution, priming, cannulation and then starting dialysis by actually connecting the tubes to the needles and starting. This was great.

From the last month or so, I start off and am into an hour or more of dialysis before the tech comes. He is pleasantly surprised.

The toughest part about starting dialysis is putting the tapes on the needles after cannulation. You have only one hand to do this since the other arm is what you are working on! But I manage somehow.

This is a little risky however since there could be an emergency which I may not know how to deal with. I need to read up on this. But I do it inspite of this because I love the independence this offers. I can start dialysis whenever I want and not have to wait for the tech.



Anand said…
Hi Kamal
This is Ashwin Narasimhan (HPS/Synnet Tennis et all.). I am a physician (internal medicine)in the US. Nice to see you here. I was browsing the net on Home Hemodialysis options for my dad in Hyd and I stumbled upon your blog. I am in Hyd, this week. Will be reachable at 27846012/9849008034 from Monday onwards. My email: Would like to catch up with you. Looking forward to meet you. Do send me your co-ordinates. Ashwin
Ash said…
Hi Kamal,

Been reading your story for the last two hours just finished it.

Have to say its truly inspiring
for all living beings in this world.

You are no less than a HERO.

May God bless you and give you
a long and healthy peaceful and
happy life.

Kamal D Shah said…
Thanks Ash for your kind words!
Rajesh said…
Hi Kamal

I am from Hyderabad and your Story is really inspiring for the souls who have lost hope and are in confusion and dispair, the details and depth of narration and really lifted my soul and regained the lost ground of hope. thanks a lot.

Kamal D Shah said…
I am glad you found my blog useful Rajesh. Thanks!