'Wish you the same'

You must have heard this a gazillion times:

'Happy Dassera/Diwali/New Year/whatever'

'Wish you the same'

Why 'wish you the same'? It sounds so drab, dull and unemotional. Why can't the person addressed to respond with a return 'Happy Dassera/Diwali/New Year/whatever'?

Sometimes fads like these catch on and it actually becomes fashionable to do such stupid things. When the person has wished us let's say with a 'Happy Dassera', we can easily say, 'Happy Dassera to you too!'. Now, what's wrong with that? Sounds so much better than a 'Wish you the same'. Or even worse, a 'Same to you' which throws out even the 'wish' part of it!

A greeting is a nice way of wishing someone. Add a smile and you have contributed to building a lifelong bond with the person. It should be genuine, heartfelt, warm. And 'Wish you the same' kills all that.

It is used to avoid being repetitive, did I hear you say? Rubbish! When someone says 'Hi', do we respond with a 'Wish you the same'? No. We return the 'Hi'. Then why not respond with a greeting when someone greets us?

And yes, Happy Dassera to you! (Don't you dare say you-know-what!)


Anonymous said…
You 2 Kamal, You 2

Cud not resist this !!

Anonymous said…
Wish you the same dude!
ahahahahahaha xD
Anonymous said…
That's your opinion dude,get over it.
Prasantha Fernando said…
Hi Kamal, I searched for this issue on google today and found only your blog in whole google search. It is very practical issue we face with the emerge of 2011. about 20% of my respondeds went the same way. What you raise is very true because I felt it. We wish someone whole-heartedly and when that person just reflect same words back to you by saying "wish you the same" or "Same to you" I feel so irritant and let down about that person. It just means that the person doesnt even care to compose 2-5 seconds of his/her thoughts to honostly wish back to the well wisher. I think such people should not be wished next time at all. Its a bad practice and this need to be discussed more..
Kamal D Shah said…
Agree entirely Prasantha!
loon said…
Nice thinking Kamal. I'm so tired of hearin...u know wat
Silver Hawk said…
Exactly. Wish you the same sounds informal and irrelevant it's unprofessional. Right you are.