Gossip monger

"What are the three most effective forms of communication?"

"Telephone, Television and Tell-a-woman!"

So true!

Some women make very good gossip mongers. Anything remotely scandalous and they will suffer from indigestion unless they talk about it to every person in sight. And if you want it to spread really fast tell her not to tell anyone.

A few years back I had to pick up something from an acquaintance's house. So, I parked my car in the parking area of the apartment complex he stayed in and went up to his flat.

As it turned out, he was not at home. His mother was however there. I asked for him and was told he had gone out. I asked her to tell him that I had come to collect such and such a thing.

She said she would. As I turned to go back, she beckoned me over. I turned to face her. She said to me, "You know what? The girl in the opposite flat ran away with her boyfriend."

I was shocked. What did that have to do with me? I neither knew the family nor the girl. I had probably visited that apartment for the first time in my life. I figured the lady must not have met anyone from the morning and was dying to tell someone. She ran into poor old me. So she had to tell me!

"Oh!" I muttered as I hurriedly left the place. Through the corner of my eye, I caught her looking pleased and relieved.