iPhone Tech Talk

I'm off to Bangalore tomorrow for the iPhone Tech Talk which is on Monday, the 24th of November.

Tech Talks are a great way to get to know about the technology from the experts themselves. It is really nice that Apple has started putting India on their map for these kinds of events. I remember going for the Mac Tech Talk at Bangalore a few years back with Kartik and Ravi. That was a one day event with about a hundred attendees. Most of the people were into the development of device drivers and came because their work involved creating drivers for the Mac. We were probably among the very few that were into application development and probably the only folks doing WebObjects development.

I expect this year to be very different. With the buzz around the iPhone, a lot more people have gotten into Cocoa and Cocoa Touch development (the former because of the latter!) and you see a lot of people aware of these technologies than you did just a few years back.

The situation for WebObjects has become more dismal than ever before. Unfortunate! It is really hard to fathom why such a beautiful technology continues to languish. WebObjects is really poetry in bytes! The architecture of the frameworks, the intuitive paradigms and oh, that ethereal Enterprise Objects Framework, when shall we see such a technology again?

I would really love to get back into WebObjects. I am learning Cocoa these days. Luckily a lot of the philosophy is shared between the two including the whole foundation framework.

Anyway, I hope to have a great time at the Tech Talk on Monday. I'm going a day in advance, hoping to grab some excellent food at MTR, Woodies and heaven-bless-them Nagarathpet.


Anonymous said…
Have a great time.