Miracles as an aid to faith

There is a saying in Hindi, "Jahaan chamatkar, wahaan namaskar". Which roughly translates to, "Where there is a miracle, people will bow".

What is it about a miracle that attracts people?

People look up to people who are able to perform miracles because of the supernatural element. Something above the ordinary. Something they cannot do themselves. Something beyond the realms of science.

This is really unfortunate. Do we really need a miracle to be able to believe in something? Will we believe in something just because the person who propounds it can perform miracles? If a person can perform miracles, then do we believe everything he or she says?

This is really something we should think about.

Whatever I believe in is based entirely on logic. It should make sense. I will not believe in something just because the person who said this could perform supernatural acts.

What we define as 'defying science' is actually 'defying science as it is today'. Science is ever changing. Yesterday's theories are disproved today. Today's theories will be disproved tomorrow. What constitutes a miracle today could be consistently reproducible in the lab tomorrow.

I cannot base my beliefs based on what someone who can perform miracles says. These people could have vested interests. I need my beliefs to be backed by sound reasoning and rationale. Not vague concepts further obfuscated by the clever use of words.

I am not referring to any particular religion or person. This is a phenomenon that exists across religions and cultures. 'Godmen' frequently use miracles to attract devotees. People are so gullible that they easily fall prey to these people.

When people take to a person as a 'guru' or someone who they really admire and respect, it should be because of his or her purity and definitely not because of an ability to perform miracles.

A true saint is someone who does not do things to become popular. A person who does not do things to attract devotees. A person who is so selfless and free from ego that people will naturally come to him or her without any effort. A person who is pure and free from material desires.

Not someone who needs the crutches of a miracle.


Anonymous said…
One of my fav quotes - “Let's face it; God has a big ego problem. Why do we always have to worship him?"

Are miracles His manifestation of his power over us puny humans???
Kamal D Shah said…
If God (if he existed) wanted to show us his power, he did not need others to do this, he could have shown us those miracles directly.

My problem is with the people who use miracles to increase faith.
Butchi Prasad said…
Here my comment is not about MIRACLES that you said in the blog (i completely agree with you), but Since you mentioned about God, let me tell what i believe about God.

When we are kids, My Grandma used to watch movies along with us. To her knowledge, she knows about stage shows.
When a movie is being played, she used to ask us, are they really playing in that TV. We tried to explain that it was recorded sometime back, and being played now, and we can get it played again whenever we want.
Its a wonder to her.

Later i used to wonder, when the instrument is in working condition, and we supply power, then we can watch the movie. For me, we are giving life by switching ON, and OFF.

I can understand the technology, but i got another question.
I used to build castles on the sea bed, but who brought the sand over there.
From where does the Universe has come?

I watched magic show by PC Sarkar, he is Magician. And there are some wonders which happen in our daily life.
Ya, i believe in God and he/she/thing is beyond one's Imagination.

My Quote: "Oh God, Your Sea is so Great and our boat is so small"