Swimming in the cold

Its getting a little cold in Hyderabad these days. The minimum temperature is around 16 degrees celsius. When I started swimming regularly earlier this year, I often wondered if I will be able to continue this in the winter months.

It is early November and I am glad that I am still swimming daily. I think the body adjusts to circumstances quite well. If someone who has not been swimming comes one of these days and gets into the pool, it will be quite a shock. But since I have been swimming for a few months now, my body is gradually adjusting to the cooler temperatures.

The place I go to has two pools. For some inexplicable reason, the water in one of the pools is always slightly warmer than the other. The water is not heated at all and the pools are next to each other. Inspite of this, the temperature of the two pools is different.

Until now, I have always been swimming in the cooler pool but a few days back I've switched to the warmer one.

I really don't want to stop swimming. It keeps me fit. I've lost a few kilos. My waist has reduced by a couple of inches. And the best part is - I thoroughly enjoy that time. What more could I want?