Technical versus Managerial

I'm at the crossroads of my career. I need to make some important decisions which will stay with me for a long, long time.

The most important decision at this time is whether to choose the managerial route or the technical route.

The 'normal' career path of many people in the software industry is that they start off as programmers, testers etc. and learn the ropes, so to speak, for a few years and then either continue in the technical area by graduating to design and architecting or slowly get into a managerial role where they lead teams and are responsible for delivery.

Due to my rather unique circumstances, however, I did not get a chance to spend enough time on programming in my early years. I had to take on a managerial position pretty soon. I like to believe I did well.

Now, when I have some time on my hands, I find myself inclined to the technical side. I am focussing on learning Linux on the one hand (shell scripting, how Linux works, the different libraries etc.) and Cocoa (building desktop applications for the Mac) on the other hand.

I enjoy this thoroughly.

On the other hand, some of my friends feel I make a good manager and dealing with people is my forte. Also, some people have suggested that I should now aim to handle an independent software unit rather than manage single projects. This is because I have been doing this for the last few years and doing some technical stuff or managing single projects would not be a step that could be construed as 'growth'.

This is the dilemma I must resolve. And do it quickly.


Anonymous said…
You are the best. You can handle both Technical & Managerial with same zeal.
SCDAFF said…
"some people have suggested that I should now aim to handle an independent software unit rather than manage single projects".

Who ever has said the above lines, they are absolutely correct. To add, we should also do what we like or enjoy doing, if you enjoy doing technical stuff then do not worry you will always get/have the chance to get your hands dirty by helping out the teams when ever they require and you find time.

Wish you all the very best, hope we work together once again
LN said…
Wish You All the Best, Hoping to work with you in future,

I Wish "You should now aim to handle an independent software unit rather than manage single projects"

Imran said…
As per my experience working under you for weeks or moths. so should try to handle an independent Unit. Because you listen to your team and give brillant ideas on subject related.SO manage the things and keep technical as fun to play round.:)
Kamal D Shah said…
Thanks Anonymous, Srini, LN and Imran. Really appreciate your comments.
Akbar Pasha said…
Figuring out what one wants is the quintessential part of living. As we discussed the other day, we are seeping in so much information that we virtually live in a world which is ruled by distractions. Everyone ALWAYS knows at a deeper level what to do next. But the problem is the noise around us makes the signal within lost.

I would suggest you become calm and peaceful and ask yourself the question. The answer would automatically arrive. I would also suggest not to take ANY advice from outside but treat it merely as 'input'. That way once you decide it would be 'your' decision.

The joy that comes out of conscious living is amazing and I agree it's not easy. But one has to start somewhere.

Good luck with figuring out what you want to do next. Please remember the world is not what we see, but what we make out of it. I am pretty sure either way you would be the best person for one best suitable job out there.

Best wishes