That's my cubicle!

In the swimming pool I go to for my daily morning swim, there are separate changing rooms for men and women on either side of the pool. In the men's changing room, there is a line of about six cubicles with a half length door each. The door covers you from neck to knee if you are of average height. You basically use these cubicles to change.

I, for some reason, like the second cubicle from the left. Don't ask me why. Its just that I am more comfortable in this cubicle. All of us have these quirks, I guess. At the dining table at home too, I always sit on the first chair to the left. Always. If anyone else in my family sits on that chair, I politely ask them to get up. Even when guests come home, I make sure I go and stand next to my chair so that it is not usurped from me. If I don't sit on that chair, I become upset and cranky. The food tastes weird and I get very restless.

Coming back to the swimming pool, I really need that cubicle. I go to all lengths to make sure I get my cubicle. If someone has occupied that cubicle, I temporarily put my things in another cubicle and then wait for him to finish changing. Once he's done, I take my cubicle.

Yesterday, I entered the changing room and saw that no one was there in my cubicle. The door for some reason was closed. Happily, I opened the door of the cubicle. To my utter horror, there was a man of about fifty changing and he had bent down to put on his swimming trunks because of which I could not see him from outside. I was terribly embarrassed. I exclaimed, "I am so sorry!" He was not unduly perturbed. He said, "Its all right" and continued changing. I quickly closed the door and went to the next cubicle.

I thought to myself however, "Serves you right, old man! Next time don't use my cubicle!"