Understanding a patient

In my eleven odd years with CKD, I have come across quite a lot of doctors. Believe me, they came in all varieties.

You have the grumpy old men who feel the patients are there for the sole purpose of irritating them. They will talk with a condescending air. Then there are those that think they're God's gift to mankind. They have egos as big as their paychecks. Any hint of a suggestion from the poor patient on the treatment course and they will go totally berserk.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the doctors who genuinely care for their patients. They understand the agony of what they're going through. They are gentle and affable. Easy to approach. Easy to talk to.

Patients need to have that comfort level when they visit their doctor. They are after all trusting the doctor with their lives. It can be quite disconcerting to be in the hands of someone you can't even discuss your situation openly with.

I have had instances where I would ask the doctor about the possibility of using a particular line of treatment because I might have stumbled across it on the internet and the doctor would blow his top and ask me if I wanted him to treat me or to follow what I suggested. I really have a problem with these kinds of doctors.

On the other hand, it is so comforting to visit a doctor who discusses things with you, explains the rationale behind the treatment modality he is choosing and takes your opinion, answers your questions and we come to a conclusion together.