The grind

My life is really hectic these days. Ever since I took up my new job, I have been running. Running from one place to another, finishing what I am supposed to finish. With no time to pause and reflect on what I am really doing.

My whole day is spent just getting things done. I get up in the morning and have about half an hour of peace when I have my tea and go through my email, blog, visit my orkut and facebook pages. That's it. After this, the mad rush starts. Its one continuous race against time. Temple, swim, breakfast and head out to office. I need to start atleast by 9:20 to have any hope of reaching by 10 which, by any standards, is not early. The commute takes about 45 minutes one way.

The next 8 hours or so are spent in office or related work.

I leave office around 6 and then start the dreary commute back home amidst the chaotic Hyderabad traffic. Another 45 minutes.

By the time I am back I am half dead. No motivation to do anything whatsoever. I have even stopped dialysing on my own. I wait till the tech comes and have him start the session. I am too tired.

Morning comes. The race against the clock starts all over again.

The tough part about the new job is that Saturdays are officially working days. This is really difficult on me. I badly need the two days off to recover. The schedule during the week is so exacting, my mind and body need the two days to be able to remain sane.

When I think about this, I wonder why I am feeling so tired? The work is not yet stressful. The work hours are not longer than what I was used to. Is it the travel? Is it the working Saturdays? I have no idea.


Unknown said…
The difference in the before and after is probably the commute.