The HPS Reunion

We had our school reunion recently at The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet. There were the mandatory speeches and performances which no one usually enjoys, catching up with friends I was meeting after 15 years and some great food.

The school looked magnificent with all the lighting - something that was never done in our days. I met a whole lot of people I had never hoped to meet if it wasn't for this reunion.

The event was organized pretty well. They gave badges to each person to write his or her name, year of passing out and the house - one among Taxila (green), Nagarjuna (red), Nalanda (blue) and Vijaynagar (yellow).

Just to give you a little background - for those unfamiliar with HPS - these four houses were named after ancient centers of learning in India famed world wide for the quality of teaching and study. Students of the school took their house affiliations very seriously and every member of the house would pitch in to try and make sure that his or her house would be at the top.

Anyway, getting back to the reunion, the badge helped people recollect the names of the folks they ran into.

Most people did recognize me despite my recently cropped hair. There were some instances however when I was far from flattered. I went over to greet someone I remembered with a huge smile on my face. The person would return the smile with a matching enthusiasm. And then slowly, I would catch their eyes moving towards the badge trying to read my name!

But that's all right. I wasn't that famous. I don't expect people to remember me! Anyone who remembered me was a bonus!

The dinner was quite good. They had the regular stuff. But what took the cake was the combination of bread-sambar-cutlet. It tasted just like those from school days! I clearly overate.

All in all it was a great experience.