The motivation to swim in winter

Many people are shocked when they learn that I swim every morning even in these cold days. They wonder how I can actually enter a swimming pool when it is so cold.

Well, the answer to this is that I have been swimming almost daily for the last 7-8 months so my body probably gradually increased its tolerance of cold water. And it is not that cold in Hyderabad compared to many other places.

One theory I have is to have a warm or hot shower just before entering the pool. Getting into a pool is shocking the body in two ways - first is the water itself and second is the temperature of the water. By having a hot shower, you remove the first shock in a pleasant way. You only have to deal with the temperature next. Don't quote me on this though. This is only my theory!

More than anything else, however, for me the motivation to continue swimming is the compliments I have been receiving in the past few weeks. Especially from people who have met me after a long time. Everyone seems to think I look much better and much more fit. It is so good to hear this!

I myself enjoy swimming so much that it is not a chore for me to do it. It is the best part of my day. When you like something so much, it is not difficult at all to make the effort. That's what I tell friends who don't exercise. Choose something you enjoy. It will not remain so difficult any more. Sometimes things like walking and running can be quite boring. It may be better to play a game. So, you enjoy the time spent and get exercise at the same time.

And the compliments you receive are like the proverbial icing on the cake. Makes it all the more worthwhile!


Anonymous said…
What is your swimming routine? How long do you swim and which strokes? Do you have a favorite stroke?

Right now I am in Chicago for the holidays - it is minus 5 outside (to not even mention how cold it feels once the wind is included and it is windy). Minus 5 F, or minus 20 C.

I would very much like to be somewhere that swimming was in the realm of the possible.
Kamal D Shah said…
I swim almost everyday for about half an hour. I mostly do the breast stroke and it is my favorite stroke.

-20 C??? I am shivering just reading that. Here it is around +14C.