Get the truckers on the road again; use ESMA

The truckers strike is causing unbelievable chaos in the country. The price rise in commodities is one thing. I am affected as a dialyzor.

I use many consumables that are transported from different parts of the country. One of these is Low Calcium Acid solution. The regular acid solution will not work for me because it has too much calcium and the excess calcium is absorbed by my blood and eventually can cause the walls of my veins and arteries to thicken which is not a good thing.

This low calcium solution needs to be brought from Chennai because the factory that was manufacturing it in Hyderabad is shut for some reason. This solution cannot be got because of the transport strike.

I am sure many others face similar problems leading to great frustration, loss of income and most importantly, causing an increased health risk.

The government must act immediately and sternly. Invoke the Essential Services Maintenance Act. Bring the striking truckers to book. However just their demands might be, this is no way to get them fulfilled. They cannot play with the lives of people.