Headphones that play silence?

As a solution to my problem with Mr. Crow at work, both Kartik and Bill Peckham suggested using headphones to cut out the noise. I have a problem using headphones. I cannot focus on my work when music is playing.

My mind needs silence to concentrate. I know many people listen to music when they work. That doesn't work for me at all. My mind keeps oscillating between the work I am doing and the music that is playing. Kartik suggests having 10-15 songs which you've heard many times. I doubt if that will work for me.

Another thing which people often use is to play music without lyrics - just instrumental music. This didn't work for me either.

I know what will work though. Headphones that play silence! Is that possible? Can silence actually be created?

How nice it would be if that were true? You could get your peace whenever and wherever you wanted!


Unknown said…
Anonymous said…
yep. Bose is your answer to silence. Totally cuts out any noise, and all you hear is either nothing or the music being played.
Silence at a price!!
SCDAFF said…
How abt using cotton? :-P
audio brisbane said…
Try the headphones that are sealed tight. Bose and Panasonic makes those quiet headphones.