Kamal on dialysis - my dialysis video

I had my brother take a video of me starting dialysis myself one night. A lot of editing - removing the inconsequential parts (and a couple of bloomers which I did not want anyone to see!) and I have three parts of the video. I finally shortened about 39 minutes of footage to less than 19 minutes.

The first part covers the preparation of bicarbonate solution by mixing 2 packets each of Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Chloride with about 18 liters of water purified by Reverse Osmosis. It also covers the priming process when I remove the formalin that is in the tubes and dialyser after the previous night's session. I reuse the dialyser and tubes 6 times a week and then on Monday use fresh ones.

The second part is where I cannulate myself. As I warn in the video too, this part may be difficult for some to see because my fistula looks quite monstrous and ugly, however beautifully it works! For people not on dialysis, seeing a fistula without wrenching in the gut is quite difficult. So, if you hate seeing ugly body parts and are uncomfortable watching needles go in, stay off!

The last part covers the connection of the dialysis tubes to the needles and blood going through the system and finally returning to my body. Let the games begin!

It also has a pitch for home hemo in the end. People can have normal lives on dialysis. People can have fun-filled lives on dialysis. Do not think that dialysis is the end of life as you know it. Talk to your doctor about the different modalities including the possibility of short daily dialysis at home and nocturnal daily dialysis at home.