My ravenous appetite

I have a huge appetite these days. I have a small bowl of cereal before I go for a swim lest I feel weak in the pool. Once I get back, before I go to work, I have a full breakfast. Lunch is at 1 unless I feel hungry at 12:30. By 4:30, I am hungry again and I have 'dhokla' made of oats. Dinner is at 7:30p.m. - again a full meal.

What's wrong with me, you might ask? Nothing really. I checked with my neph.

"Are you putting on weight?"


"Any other symptoms?"


"Don't worry then. Eat!"

Well, that was it. Makes sense too. If I am not putting on weight, why worry. And I eat (mostly) healthy food. Very rarely do I indulge in sweets or fried stuff.

But people around me are quite surprised at the amount of food I eat. Especially when I am at Poorna Tiffins, people sitting next to me have been horrified at the number of idlis I finish off - soaked in ghee, mind you! My brother often asks me how many dozens I ate!

Recently, Timothy, a friend put it quite politely at the end of a meal. "You ate quite well!" All he had had was a soup while I polished off a large pizza! I got the message, Tim!

A few days back I was chatting with Ambuj and he told me what he ate at different times during the day. I dared not respond with what I ate because I realized that I consumed in one meal what he consumed in a day!

I remembered my appetite this morning when our cook was making Paneer Parathas for breakfast. I really love Paneer Parathas. The cook keeps making the parathas until I tell her that I will eat only one more. This morning, after quite a few parathas, she was wondering what had happened. The signal wasn't forthcoming. With every paratha, she would look askance. I finally obliged.

She was visibly relieved!