Reunion time

This December-January has seen a flurry of reunions. School reunion, college reunion, colleagues reunion. Different groups among these having their own reunion.

Most of my classmates from school and college have moved to the US. This is the time of the year when many of them have come down to India for a vacation. So, it is a good opportunity to catch up on the last so many years of our lives.

My school has an official reunion every year around this time and I attended it for the first time this year and got a chance to meet with so many people for the first time after about 15 years!

The rest of the reunions were more informal. Motley groups of people meeting for the first time after college. Or a group of colleagues working for Effigent meeting after a long time since some of them had moved to the US some time back.

The advent of social networking sites such as Orkut and Facebook have facilitated a lot of these reunions. I am fairly certain I would have gone through life without even knowing what many of my friends from school or college did had it not been for these sites. It is really nice to know how life has been for these folks. Some of their stories are so intriguing and fascinating; I would never have known about them.

Some people have done extremely well in life, some not so well, some have failed. You realize how different the world is when you get out of college and start working. Many innate talents and unrecognized abilities bloom. Your real capability is tested. Examinations and marks, so important during the academic career often turn out to be erroneous indicators of a person's true worth. I have come across many examples of poor or average students doing so well in life.

I have had a great time these past few weeks, meeting a myriad mix of people. I was meeting a different bunch almost every other day!

With all this reunion hungama going on, a group of former colleagues from Effigent suddenly got josh and have decided to have their own reunion. All of us are in Hyderabad and have been meeting regularly but we have not met as a group. So, what the hell? We will also have our own reunion!


Anonymous said…
Sorry Kamal :(
Kamal D Shah said…
Why sorry? And who is this? I did not understand!
KS said…
Yes. We should. ---- Kalyan